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Dyspraxia Webinar #1 - Key Features: The Many Aspects of Developmental Coordination Disorder

This webinar has been geared for both professionals and parents. Researchers are now telling us that this Developmental coordination Disorder also known as Dyspraxia impacts anywhere from 10 – 23% of children and its effects can have a profound influence upon the child’s performance at home, at school, and at community events as well.

The webinar presents the disorder as having symptoms of several co-occurring diagnostic categories including Attention Deficit Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder and Specific Language Impairment. Information about the different brain pathways and sensory systems involved with the condition are explained with examples given in this webinar.

Part 1, the first webinar in this series presents the key features of the problem and describes the multiple perspectives from which Developmental Coordination Disorder may be viewed. Part 2, the second webinar in this series, is designed to provide the viewer with problem solving strategies for intervention of these key features both at home and at school.

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  • Webinar Video
  • Webinar slides handout
  • Pertinant articles summary handout
  • Helpful resources for parents sheet

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